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The TCOM Implementation, Development, Education and Support (TIDES) team prepares systems and their staff through developing the skills and supports necessary to implement Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM). The TIDES team values ongoing workplace education and skills development within the TCOM values of shared vision, collaboration, communication, outcomes and transparency. The TIDES team assists the various systems within jurisdictions nationally and internationally on managing complex processes that facilitate the transformation into systems and communities that care. Through the TCOM framework, TIDES assists jurisdictions with facilitating an effective and unified approach in meeting the needs of the people they serve.

The TIDES team provides workplace training on the various TCOM tools at the staff, management and executive levels. The TIDES team helps create a learning culture with productive attitudes in order to build a workforce’s tangible and intangible abilities to manage an effective system of care.

Distance Learning Platform

.79 Average Reliability

550 Certified TCOM Trainers

35 US States with Trainers

14 Countries with Certified Users

50 US States with Certified Users

117K Active Users


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