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Not all TCOM trainers work in large organizations or systems that support them, and not everyone is able to attend the TCOM conference. What supports do they have? How do they stay up to date on changes to the TCOM curriculum? How do we stay abreast of all the innovations TCOM trainers are coming up with? These kinds of questions are why we created a learning community for TCOM trainers and evaluators named the TCOM T–HIVE (Trainers Helping InVigorate Education), an online platform for collaboration, resource-sharing, and skill enhancement within the TCOM community. Our goals for the T-HIVE are to:

  • Provide a virtual space for sharing resources, information, cutting-edge insights, and curricular and evaluation ideas.

  • Develop a learning community where we can connect with each other and network with TCOM experts to develop and share training resources and provide each other with ongoing support.

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