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The University of Kentucky Center for Innovation in Population Health and the Praed Foundation are hosting the 20th International Annual TCOM Conference. Presentations at the annual conference reflect the use of Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) and its tools. TCOM is the conceptual framework for the ANSA, CANS, FAST, SSIT, CAT, and other TCOM organizational tools. It is used to manage systems, organizations, and programs whose mission is to help people change their lives in a meaningful way.

The Conference Learning Objectives

Meaningful Discussions: Discuss how to communicate with families/individuals and other professionals in the field through a common language.

TCOM Framework: Review the TCOM framework and how it guides the development of a shared vision for the people we serve, providers, and systems.

TCOM Tools: Describe how to implement TCOM tools effectively.

Data Driven Outcomes: Use person-centered data to show change and outcomes.

The Conference Tentative Schedule

We plan to kick off the in-person conference on Wednesday, October 2, 2024, with several informative short courses and roundtables, followed by the poster session and networking reception. On Thursday, October 3, we open the conference with our keynote speakers, which will be followed by a recognition of this year’s award-winning members of our TCOM community. After the Awards – Luncheon, we invite everyone to attend the breakout sessions. On Friday, October 4, we will start the day with the breakout sessions leading to the last keynotes, and we will close the in-person conference with remarks by Dr. John Lyons. On the following Monday and Tuesday, October 7-8, we will hold our “Cloud Gathering” virtual conference. If you attend the 3-day in-person conference, you will be automatically registered to attend these virtual sessions at no additional cost.

We continuously update our program, and as we get closer to the date, we will provide detailed information on the TCOM Conference Page. Be sure to visit this page frequently and sign up to receive information via email.

History of the TCOM Conference

The annual TCOM Conference started in 2004 and was originally branded as the CANS Conference. The CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths) was the first tool developed under the TCOM framework in the theory of Communimetrics. Since then, the entire collaboration has grown to 160,000 people who certify on the TCOM tools each year. The tools have also expanded to reflect the breadth and depth of the population we all serve.

Who Attends the TCOM Conference?

For nearly two decades, the national TCOM Conference has provided a platform for the field to meet up, develop their skills, and share their knowledge. We invite all interested in TCOM or curious about our work to attend our annual event. Presentation topics vary from data analytics, implementation, family support, and many others. We hope all that are involved in TCOM (research, coaching, family advocates, and more) attend our annual TCOM Conference.

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