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We’re healers at heart. EACH is a groundbreaking virtual partnership to connect, inspire, and support practitioners, volunteers, and participants in equine-assisted programs. You are invited to our virtual stable, arena, and pastures to share ideas, connect with others, and collaborate on best practices in equine-assisted transformations!


To create a collaborative space, joining people and data together to understand the impact of equine-assisted practices on people's lives.


To identify and connect people and programs engaged in equine-assisted practices, share data on the understanding of who benefits and in what ways from equine-assisted practices, and support scientific advancement in the field of equine-assisted practices.

 EACH Purpose

The intention of EACH is to give voice to scientific advancement in the field of equine-assisted practices through partnerships in measurement, methods, and precision analytics. EACH is meant to be a beacon for gathering information and a place for thoughtful sharing. 


As we are stewards for their wellbeing, horses inspire healing and connectivity. Let’s create a safe community for EACH one of us!

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