Safe Systems

Safe Systems Consultation Services

Learning from critical incidents. We provide consultation for organizations wanting occasional or short-term engagement from our team on their critical incident review process. Similar to root cause analysis often used in healthcare, our systems-focused reviews move beyond an individual assignment of blame towards an understanding of systems influences and barriers to drive system improvement. Our approach uses the Safe Systems Improvement Tool to standardize your review and generate a standard set of data for quality improvement advocacy. This consultation may be particularly useful for agencies interested in designing, implementing, and scaling a critical incident review process, who may be faced with in high-profile critical incidents, or who are interested in engaging external partners in this process. For more information, please contact: Dr. Michael Cull at michael.cull@uky.edu.


Moving agencies towards safety culture. We offer training and engagement on safety science for leadership in health and human services agencies. These consultations can range from brief, high-level trainings meant to introduce leadership to the concepts of safety science and safety culture in human-serving systems, to multi-day immersive workshops designed to engage participants in the practical applications, implementation, and best practices of safety science in health and human services.


Using data to change. Our team works with agencies to understand and improve their organizations towards a culture grounded in safety science. We engage with agencies interested in using organizational assessments to collect and use data to drive system change. Organizational assessments can be useful as a part of their internal continuous quality improvement efforts to better understand employees’ perceptions of safety culture within the agency and to track how these organizational metrics change over time.