Precision Analytics & Reporting

Precision Analytics & Reporting

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The Precision Analytics team provides cutting edge person-centered analytical support and translational science to state and local governments and other organizations invested in improving health outcomes for youth and families. Precision Analytics builds upon the idea of Precision Medicine, moving away from one-size-fits-all approaches to finding more precise solutions that consider a person’s specific needs and strengths as well as the context in which they are being helped. The team draws from a diverse set of disciplines within data science to address our most pressing societal challenges.

The Precision Analytics team excels in bridging the chasm between research and practice by engaging stakeholders, at all levels, in the scientific process. We are evolving the concept of Continuous Quality Improvement into Continuous Learning and Adaptation. We believe that focusing on learning and adaptation naturally increases expertise within helping systems. Our theory of change is simple - people who are great at what they do, naturally produce great results.

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